"Hope Rising" Interactive Mosaic Mural 2013


Working together as a team with ArtReach Orlando and Hope CommUnity Center (HCC) in Apopka, FL, we created an interactive mosaic mural. The goal of the mural was to empower children's and youth's sense of self and community through art. The mosaic was designed with the idea of telling the story of the area's immigrant workers and families by including "found objects" brought by the community members and adding interactive computer chips with the participants' stories captured on film. 

The mosaic is at the entrance of HCC. On the left is a "Tree of Life" representing the families that belong to the community. At the top, the leaves start to "fly away", like the immigrants leaving their own country. The leaves turn into a sun which light and warmth guides the people into a "wealth of opportunities", represented by a rainbow. There is also a path, representing the rough journey of the travelers until they get to their destiny. On the right, at the end of the journey, is Lake Apopka, Florida, with it's beautiful palm trees, flowers and vegetation.  

Through all the mural, you can find electronic chips "hidden" behind glass hearts. The chips are activated with your smart phone by tapping on it. Then your phone will open the links to the videos of the participants in the creation of the mural.